Technology is Life

Praises, rants & worries about technology.


We all love technology to some degree. Technology is not just the iPhone in your pocket. A pencil is technology. A paper-weight. All tools that are helpful and make life easier are technology.

Here, I’m going to focus on software. Software has become ubiquitous as it has gone beyond our desktop computer. We are using software all day, everyday, from smart phones and tablets to smart watches and smart TVs.

The design of software that we use to create, consume and aid in our productivity is what makes some of the most essential pieces of daily technology life truly desirable.

I found myself venting, praising and critiquing software features, their design (and even customer service for such software) on my twitter account (@zorrillamonsoon, personal or @techlifeis, this blog). I plan to place a deeper focus on the minutiae in short AND LONG form content, covering the same thoughts, concerns and raves. After working in the creative industry for such a long time and seeing how AI will probably take over most of our work. I figured I could write and post elsewhere online so I can cater and serve fellow creatives, technology enthusiasts, and more, so they can get the best of what I can share. My own blog website.

I will be sharing my praises of helpful features and judging them on their ease and/or level of consistency within interfaces.