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A response about artists and artificial intelligence

A friend on facebook asked: “Would you want to be informed if an artwork were AI-generated VS. Artist-created? Can you tell the difference?”

My comment: When relevant, sure. If the artist is going over their process, I imagine they wouldn’t want to just lie about not using it lol. Today we’ll see a mashup of ai and traditionally made art. And today We can tell the difference but as it develops over the next few months or years. As perception and machine learning are further developed into ai technology, the less we’ll be able to decipher. Want natural texture of paint strokes on a canvas? Pretty sure robot arms could pick up a brush and paint eventually lol.

She responded: it’s time for us to liberate ourselves and embrace our flaws fully as artists! That’s one thing AI seems to have a hard time with… organic mistakes and mess.

I followed:  i feel like any hard working deep artist knows this for sure. With enough mistakes and time spent, you realize you gotta embrace your humanity. But again, I just feel like ai will make this seamless eventually. What we experience today is the very baby stages of ai technology. We’ve not even seen the tip of the iceberg.

her: Yes the infancy is looking like it will be very brief… What do you think human artists will do in response?

My final rambling answer: I wrote too much I think, but here’s some rapid thoughts lol. I hope I am cohesive enough. Broadly speaking, if you’re an artist that wishes to continue surviving on your art (as opposed to a hobby, regardless if it’s a passion or a passive therapy) you either make ai part of your process using it as a reference, or using it as a base or some how make it part of the end result OR… you better be REALLY freaking good and be REALLY, EXTREMELY relevant in ideas, thoughts, and as a person (popular, influential and/or compelling) lol. Human artists will be competing with ai for sure as decision makers. I suspect human art (for sustainable artist living) will require more meaning and craft than it ever did before. If you want to evoke emotion then it better be emotional AF with a story to it. Artists will be more compelled to be leaders, more than ever.

Advertising (the biggest patrons of artists and creatives in general) will probably be replaced by ai for the most part so you’ll have a lava of artists working for themselves and with each other more than ever before.

Also, conclusively, this can be scary but can also be good. We may see more artists that stand out like Dali did (movies, tv appearances, and more). I think he left the best example of what we might see more of in the future. Artists with eccentric and passionate ideas and/or personalities leaping forward unapologetically with strong opinions about the world we live in (perhaps stronger than Dali). We may get a wild 50/50 blend of artists with egos but also with forceful ideas about war, peace, mental health, etc who start conversations.

I think we are in for a dark yet compelling time. I am hopeful. I’m hoping artists for humanity sake will complain less and act more. I know a 50 yr old filmmaker and photographer using ai to write his scripts and help him create story boards.

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