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Artificial Intelligent Software is Here. Stay Ready & Learn About It.

AI is officially here, much sooner than I anticipated, and we need to learn about this ever growing intelligent being in the making. Yes I said it. It’s a being. ha! I’m about to turn 36 years old this year and have been working in the creative side of industry since I was about 16 years old.

We want to feel important. Writers, digital music creators, designers, visual artists, and more, want to feel like corporations will miss out on utilizing us. We want humanity, as the choice that supersedes corporations buying into artificial intelligence despite the ease and cost effectiveness that it offers them.

This feeling we have to feel so importantly significant above all other useful and cheap options may be valid… yet we cannot be so self-gullibly ignorant to think that our feelings matter. If you haven’t read the truth anywhere else. I will help with the truth.

Artistry won’t matter up against super-efficiency and deliciously low costs

Right now we have to admit that corporations are salivating. If you, as an illustrator haven’t had a shortage of work yet, then it’s because you’re really popular, hot stuff, but it is only a matter of time… And I hope you made it into making passive income and getting your name known to the masses. It doesn’t matter how many years you

Let’s try to be practical. Look at it intelligently and see how we might survive. Shall we?

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